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Details on 04-28-2018 (Next upcoming event)
When: 04-28-2018 (Sat April 28th 6pm to Midnight game time)
Where: Code Red Airsoft Park
Price: Pre sale ticket Price $45.00
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Online Pre-Registration Now open


here a video from last event

Code Red Famous Zombie Event !! so DON'T Miss Out!

Our Pre-Sale Tickets are Only $45.00 until 04/25/18 Midnight. BUT are limited SO don't miss out on the savings.  We now offer group discounts when you buy 3 or more tickets (at the same time) you'll receive $5 off per ticket {ONLINE ONLY}.  Be sure to get your tickets today!

We will have tickets available "At the Door" for $55.

Please bring cash for the door tickets as our credit card machine will only be available for store purchases.

Minium Age Requirement for the Zombie Game is 12. 

Zombie Game Rules: Click here 

** Rule Update for: MP7 and MP9 - You must have the CQB bolt installed without it you will not be able to use this weapon.  

Date: Saturday 04/28/18

Game Time: 6pm to Midnight

Check in Time 4pm

Our Zombie Events are played Rain or Shine.

We do not issue any refunds for these events so make sure that you can attend.

Our Zombie Events are not a reflection of a game day at Code Red.   We offer a fun filled night for the whole family that includes a staged photo booth for the players exhibiting their famous fighting stance, Catered Food, , strobbing lights and much more oh and of course . . . . zombies!

Our Zombie events are mission based and players must try to complete the mission and stay alive. 

Our events ARE NOT for the faint of heart !!!! 

The Story:

The towns people's fear has become a reality as news begins to spread about the phenomenon of the four leaf clover field. 


The ominous screams echo across the hills on this normally quite little town. The mayor had died a year ago and his mansion that resides on a hilltop has been sold to a Pharmaceutical company. They expressed their need for seclusion for their studies and also expressed it would not affect the town except for the business it would bring. As businesses boomed the towns people turned a blind eye and ear to things they saw and heard.  As time went on the hillside began to be overran by clovers- FOUR leaf clovers at that. And that started to become a problem as people from all over started to ascend to the hill side. The townspeople afraid the testing faculty would go else where decided they needed to do something and hired a security team to keep outsiders out.

Unbeknownst to the towns people the four leaf clovers were an experiment on cloning.

One scientist, in particular, knew the rest of his colleagues were not ready to take the next step.  BUT he was.

Unknowing to the other scientist he had already started human trails on the cloning but something went VERY wrong as Subject 13 could not be put down and is starting to infect the other test subjects. The security team has discovered this secret and is trying to help the facility contain the subjects who have now escaped. 

They have requested back-up.

Upcoming event
04-28-2018 - Zombiecahun   Zombiecahun