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General Rules of Safety and Requirements

Protective colors: (No Red Hats or Shirts Allowed that are staff game control colors...No Yellow Smoke it's our safety color for emergency)

These rules are not goals! They are regulations set down by the Code Red Staff and are for the safety of all participants at our park. We have kept them to the absolute minimum possible while ensuring safety and we are trusting to the common sense of our professional players.

In airsoft, good sportsmanship is key, so play honestly and be mature! All participants must read all the rules and are responsible for adhering to these regulations at the field of play.  THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS!  If a player is deemed by staff to be in violation of any of these rules and regulations they will be asked to leave the playing field with NO REFUND.

Remember to have fun and play with honor and professionalism!

If you have any questions about any of the rules or need clarification, please email

Park Rules rev 7-01-2017 click on link below

Equiptment Rental Forms Click Here Pdf file