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Details on 10-22-2016 (Next upcoming event)
FD-1 Zombie Apocalypse
When: 10-22-2016 (Sat OCT 22nd 5pm to Midnight)
Where: Code Red Airsoft Park
Price: Pre sale ticket Price $45.00
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Online Pre-Registration NOW Closed!

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Biggest Zombie Event of the Year!! so DON'T Miss Out!

Our Pre-Sale Tickets are Only $45.00 until 10/19/16 Midnight. BUT are limited SO don't miss out on the savings.  We now offer group discounts when you buy 3 or more tickets (at the same time) you'll receive $5 off per ticket {ONLINE ONLY}.  Be sure to get your tickets today!

We will have tickets available "At the Door" for $55.

Please bring cash for the door tickets as our credit card machine will only be available for store purchases.

Minium Age Requirement for the Zombie Game is 12. 

Zombie Game Rules: Click here 

** Rule Update for: MP7 and MP9 - You must have the CQB bolt installed without it you will not be able to use this weapon.  

Zombie Event videos "intel"   coming soon

Date: Saturday 10/22/16

Time: 5pm to Midnight

Our Zombie Events are played Rain or Shine.

We do not issue any refunds for these events so make sure that you can attend.

Our Zombie Events are not a reflection of a game day at Code Red.   We offer a fun filled night for the whole family that includes a staged photo booth for the players exhibiting their famous fighting stance, Catered Food, , strobbing lights and much more oh and of course . . . . zombies!

Our Zombie events are mission based and players must try to complete the mission and stay alive. 

Our events ARE NOT for the faint of heart !!!! 


The Story:

A barren wasteland lay before us.   Not scorched by fire, that was about 50 miles away, but something else  . . . something that gave us the chills.  We are met at the gate by a guy wearing all yellow and I swear he looks like a banana.  He’s seems agitated as he hands us each a radio and a small bottle of Vick’s vapor rub.  Just as we began to question the Vapor Rub he starts barking out orders.  “Turn your radios on.  Channel  10 at all times.  The command center is a Yellow van located on 5th street in the middle of town.  Apply the Vapor Rub on your upper lip now because once you get around the corner nothing will help you.   The smell is so disgusting be prepared to gag.  Your commanding officer is waiting for you with your instructions.”   Before we could ask anything of banana man he was waving us off as he himself had started walking away.  We did as instructed and applied the vapor rub as we began walking towards the small farm town.  We hadn’t been told much just that we needed to figure out what has caused the infection.   The blackened trees are what caught our attention just as the smell began to linger towards us.   It was even worse than what any of us could have ever imaged.         Breathing thru our mouth made it worse and I swear you could taste IT . . . whatever IT was.

Day 2:  An outbreak has occurred in a town about 40 miles from here.  We have discovered that the wind pattern from the day of the fire indicates the outbreaks are connected . . . but how?                           There was nothing out of the ordinary; nothing near any testing facilities so we are still at square one.    

Day 3:  We just received Information that a new type of fire retardant was used on this fire.  That has to be the connection.  Reports are coming in that the outbreaks are beginning to double in size AND there are reports of Hybrids. 

Day 4:   CR Zort has been called in.  .  We THINK we have figured out how to stop the infection  . . .  but will need more data to be collected and CR Zort is our only chance.  They are the only ones that can save us now.







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