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Details on 03-15-2014 (Next upcoming event)
Desert Rats Mil-Sim
When: 03-15-2014 (10AM - 4PM)
Where: Code Red Airsoft Park
Price: Open To All Players
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Going to testing some game variations for an OP we have planned for May, all criticism will be met with a barrage of BBs and maniacal laughing.  See you out there 

Come play planned scenario games based on past, present and future events.  World War 2, Modern and other game variations will be played throughout the day.  Bring your team out to practice as a group to learn new tactics or just to have a good time!

This is open to all paying players that come to field, walk-on or private games.  All Code Red rules are strictly adhered to by private (non-Code Red) staff.  In addition, other rules may be added or modified that will not affect the safety or enjoyment of others.


  • Buildings:  Search, secure and withdrawl
  • Force on Force:  Eliminate opposing forces
  • Terrorists:  Simulated explosives and ordinance, information collection
  • World War 2:  Storm the beaches, secure cities, change history
  • World War 1:  Simulated bolt-action, exposed over the trenches, harder than you think
  • Psychological Games:  Spy games and unknown threats
  • Randomness:  The Board/Bored Game (no team wins... ever)


It is highly recommended that all players are dressed in military uniforms.  For teams, please match colors as closely as possible, atleast matching color tops.  We do not limit the styles or patterns of uniforms, but we do try to match teams based on similar colors and styles.  Tan/Desert vs. Green/Woodland, BDU vs. Civilian, etc.  We dont use arm-bands, no whining.

Weapon Notes

Based on the scenario, weapons and ammo load out may be limited.  This includes limiting of full-auto weapons, magazine capacity & quantity, movement requirements and more.  

Other Notes

Some scenarios will span longer than normal game times (over 30 minutes), while others may be as short as 3-5 minutes.  Bring lots of water!  
Staff members participate as referree and/or game functions including: VIP, hostages, team leaders and more.  They are there to help if you need weapon assistance, tactics suggestions and more.  

This game is hosted by the Desert Rats and is open to all players.

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